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The Mini box (/M)

FMUX4-MINI Features

There are Cronyx devices designed as Mini boxes. Small metallic box of such device may be used as table top or may be wall mount. Mounting in 19 inch rack also available. Mini box devices are marked as "/M" in their order codes (e.g., FMUX/M).

Table Top Placement

There are four plastic knobs to be inserted into holes of the bottom of the box for proper placement on the top of table.

Wall mounting

Device may be mounted on wall by two supplied mounting brackets. Brackets should be oriented along side panels of the box and fastened to them by four M3x6 screws supplied:

Wall mounting

Use of two 3 mm screws (not included) is recommended to fasten brackets to the wall. The distance between centers of the screw holes is 195 mm.

Mounting into 19 inch rack

We recommend to use special Cronyx 1U2 Housing (ordered separately). The 1U2 is 1U height and suitable for mount two devices:

1U2 Housing

Brackets should be oriented along front panel of the box and fastened to them by four M3x6 screws supplied: Screws to fasten brackets to the 1U2 housing are supplied with the 1U2.

Power Supply

Devices uses 36 to 72 VDC power supply (e.g., battery). Use of external AC adapter is also available (e.g., Cronyx AC-DC-48).


Dimensions 180 mm x 156 mm x 36 mm
Weight 700 g
Power source
DC power source 36 to 72 V
Power consumption 20 VA Max
Working temperature 0°...+50°С
Storage temperature -40°...+85°С
Humidity 0 to 80 %, non-condensing

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