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Multiplexor E1-XL/S-IP


Multiplexor E1-XL-IP Features:
  • Cronyx TDM/IP technology (Dynamic Fibers, VAD/CNG, DTX, G.726/Lossless);
  • Packet-side bandwith 0.01-2.25 kbit/s;
  • One balanced E1 interface, HDB3 or AMI;
  • One or two 10/100Base-T half/full duplex Ethernet interfaces;
  • Optional voice compression;
  • Optional echo suppression;
  • ITU G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732 and G.823 compliant;
  • Up to 2.5 km for E1 line;
  • Supervisory RS-232/V.24 DTE port, SSH;
  • Firmware update over Internet (like Windows Update);
  • Certificate N OS-2-SP-1638


Reliable transmit framed (full or fractional) or unframed E1 stream over a packet network (IP or Ethernet) with optimization of the traffic due to voice compression and removal of repeats and idle times.

Additional opportunities

Clock recovery on basis of timetable of receiving of network packets, according to the set parameters and model of a transport network. Compression up to thirty specified voice timeslots. Transfer of network packets with redundancy and interleaving for indemnification of losses in a network. Runs as a LAN-router or transparent Ethernet bridge, with bandwidth control and QoS support.

Typical E1-XL-IP usage


E1-XL-IP provides reliable, transparent transportation framed (full or fractional) or unframed E1 stream over an asynchronous packet network (IP or Ethernet). One of the features of the multiplexor is use of original algorithm of synchronization clock recovery by rate of network packets receiving, according to the specified parameters and model of a transport network. Restoration of frequency to within ±2,5×10-4 ppm is possible.

Also the original transport protocol with smaller volume of an overhead charge and the integrated mechanism of selective repeated transfer in view of a real instant round-trip delay is applied. In addition, optional transmission of network packets with redundancy and interleaving allows compensating even frequent losses in a transport network.

For minimization of the network traffic the device is capable to compress repetitions in data and idle times of E1 stream. Besides it, the device has an opportunity of compression of the specified timeslots (ITU-T G.726 16/24/32/40 Kbps, Lossless), VAD/CNG, DTX, "Dynamic Fibers" technology and analysis of E1-stream on timeslot/byte basis.

The delay which brings the device at processing traffic E1 depends on the selected operating mode and configurable size of a network transport unit. Packet delivery variation (PDV or packet jitter) in a basic transport network is compensated by data buffering, thus the general delay, with brings by the device accordingly increases. E1-XL-IP can provide necessary buffering for jitter indemnification up to 500 ms.

E1-XL-IP has one or two Ethernet 10/100BaseT half/full duplex interfaces with auto-negotiation. Models with two Ethernet can be works as a LAN IP-router or Ethernet bridge. QoS support includes processing VLAN-tags and TOS/Diffserv fields, bandwidth control with priorities of packets, manage TOS/Diffserv & VLAN-tags for TDM/IP packets.

Manageable by console interface RS-232/V.24 or from SSH hosts. For testing purposes built loopbacks aside E1 interface, and aside remote TDM/IP device are available. Firmware updating through Internet or from console interface is stipulated.

Discontinued products:
  • E1-XL/B-IP-AC ==>> new code E1-XL/S-IP/1E1-1D-AC
  • E1-XL/S-IP-AC ==>> new code E1-XL/S-IP/1E1-1D-AC

Order codes:

Order codes

Currently available models are listed in Prices. Please, contact technical support if you are unsure which model to choose.


E1 Interface
Standards ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, G.823
Modes Unframed, Full or fractional framed
Line code HDB3 or AMI
Line impedance Balanced 120Ω
Receive level Configurable, from 0 to −12dB or from −43dB (up to 2.5 km over a 0.6 mm2 twisted cupper)
Jitter performance per ITU-T G.823
Framing Unframed, CRC-4 with or without MF, CAS with or without MF
Data rate 2.048 Mbps from unframed mode, Nx64Kbps up to 1984 Kbps for framed mode
Errors detection Code violations, CRC-CCITT checksum
Connector RJ-48, female
TDM/IP Engine
Standards ITU-T G.711, G.726, G.823
Synchronization Internal (from internal oscillator),
External (from the E1-port receiver),
Recovered (by original algorithm on the basis of timetable of receiving of network packets)
Clock recovery accuracy within ±2,5×10-4 ppm (±0,5×10-3 Hz)
Network transport protocols UDP over IPv4, raw IPv4 packets
Transport packet size Configurable
Packet loss compensation Transferring with redundancy and interleaving, selective repeated transmission
in view of a real current round-trip delay
PDV compensation Adjustable buffering, up to 500 ms
In-device processing delay It is defined by the configured operating mode
and size of a transport packets, not less than 8 ms
Data & Voice compression Optionally, Dynamic Fibers, VAD/CNG, DTX,
voice compression ITU-T G.726 16/24/32/40 Kbps, Lossless (bypass fax/V.34/V.92)
up to 30 timeslots, removal of repetitions and idle times of a E1-stream
Telephone signaling translation Transparent for all types
Last firmware version 20 dec 2007, DF/DTX 1.0.1 build 2141-2143
Standards IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.1p, 802.1Q
Interfaces One or two Ethernet 10/100Base-T half/full duplex interfaces with auto-negotiation
Connector RJ-45
Integration With more than one network ports opportunity of work as transparent Ethernet bridge or LAN IP-router,
User data bandwidth limiting
QoS Support Processing VLAN-tags and TOS/Diffserv fields,
Bandwidth control with priorities of packets,
TOS/Diffserv & VLAN tagging for TDM/IP packets
Interfaces SSH over Network, RS-232/V.24 DTE serial port
Connector DB-9, male
Firmware update over Internet from centralized repository by HTTP (like "Windows Update")
Diagnostic modes Loopback modes as aside E1 port,
and aside remote TDM/IP device
General (rack 19" formfactor)
Size 450 × 270 × 45 mm
Weight 4.4 kg
Power 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Consumption Less than 250 W
Temperature From 0°C to 50°С
Humidity Up to 80%, non-condensing
General (desktop formfactor)
Size 300 × 280 × 70 mm
Weight 3 kg
Power 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Consumption Less than 250 W
Temperature From 0°C to 50°С
Humidity Up to 80%, non-condensing


Some of the documents are in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® format

PDF  E1-XL/S-IP. User's Manual in Russian
PDF  E1-XL/S-IP(previous models). User's Manual in Russian

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